Cremation Process

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The cremation process for pets shares many similarities to that of human cremation and therefore very similar questions can be asked as to whether cremation or burial is most appropriate or practicable in your personal circumstance.

The spreading of ashes in an area that happy times were shared is a popular choice but equally many choose to keep the remains in a safe place contained in a casket, urn or tribute.

Burial requires the ground to be kept undisturbed thereafter and has a degree of permanency that may not accord with your future. Should however, you have suitable ground to bury a pet but perhaps lack the physical ability, we may be able to assist with interment.

If cremation has been chosen there is one fundamental choice and that is whether to accept a communal cremation whereby you receive ashes that in part contain the remains of your pet or you select an individual cremation. An individual cremation means the remains are solely from your pet. Naturally, a communal cremation is significantly less expensive than an individual cremation.

At Barnshaw we complete individual cremations and we hold an Animal & Plant Health Agency licence. Your pet can be delivered to us or we can collect from your home or vets. We may be able to take your pet to the veterinary surgeon they are familiar with for you or arrange to meet very soon after your vet has euthanised your pet at their surgery or your home. We believe that familiar surroundings for pets and owners minimalize distress.

Cremators are primarily fuelled by diesel or gas. Our machine is a gas-powered machine.

All cremations are completed by Diane or Chris and our crematorium is covered by CCTV at all times. We normally remove collars prior to cremation, unless asked otherwise. Where possible we cremate on the day of arrival. We use purpose built handling equipment to ensure your pet is handled with dignity throughout.

We will remove any visible surgical inserts etc from the cremated remains and dispose of them unless specifically asked to preserve.

We aim to have  your pet ready for collection as soon as possible. However, should you need more time to grieve before collection, we are happy to store the ashes for up to thirty days.

We can supply a wide range of caskets, urns, tributes and keepsakes to order. Delivery for these items may cause a small delay in collection of your ashes. Please ask for further details on these items or follow the link on our caskets, urns & tributes page.

You may have further questions, in which case please make use of our contact page. We will make every effort to honestly answer any queries.